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Long After Midnight at the Nino Bien
A Yanqui's Missteps in Argentina


After moving to Argentina on a whim, Brian Winter, a young American reporter, embarks on a crusade to learn that devilishly difficult dance that demands both discipline and passion: the tango. While he dances the night away in the milongas with the fiery denizens of Buenos Aires, the country around them collapses, gripped by inflation, street riots, and revolution.

In a book that is part travelogue and part history, the author evokes his immersion in a dark underworld. He visits old dance salons, brothels, and shacks on the dusty Pampa, searching for the tango's shady origins in the hope that understanding may help him dance better. Along the way, he discovers that the tango, with its tales of jealousy, melodrama, and lost glory, may hold the secret to the country that is inexplicably disintegrating before his eyes.

about Brian Winter

  • Brian Winter lived in Argentina for four years until 2004, but he is still a pretty hapless tango dancer. More recently, he was the co-author of The Accidental President of Brazil by Fernando Henrique Cardoso. He now lives in Washington, D.C.

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