Another Day in the Death of America

Gary Younge wins the 2017 J. Anthony Lukas Book Prize

Winner: Gary Younge, editor-at-large for The Guardian and an Alfred Knobler Fellow at the Nation Institute, has won for ANOTHER DAY IN THE DEATH OF AMERICA: A Chronicle of Ten Short Lives (Nation Books), which tells the stories of the lives of children and teens lost during a single day to gun violence.

Judges’ citation excerpt: An...intimate, affecting and urgent portrait of ten young lives ended due to gun violence during a period of 24 hours in cities across America. Younge’s masterful reporting indelibly illustrates the, as Younge puts it, “collateral damage” of gun deaths happening every day “in a society where these deaths are uniquely possible and that has a political culture apparently uniquely incapable of creating a world in which they might be prevented.”


Gary Younge Wins Lukas Prize