The economist

Public Affairs

Treasure Palaces

Great Writers Visit Great Museums

Maggie Fergusson; The Economist

Go Figure

Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know

Tom Standage; The Economist

Why Deals Fail

And How to Rescue Them

Anna Faelten; Michel Driessen

Economics: An A-Z Guide

Matthew Bishop; The Economist

Growing a Business

Strategies for Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Rupert Merson; The Economist

The World in Conflict

Understanding the world's troublespots

The Economist; John Andrews


Making sense of the modern economy

The Economist; Richard Davies

Guide to Intellectual Property

What it is, how to protect it, how to exploit it

The Economist; Stephen Johnson

Style Guide

The Economist

The Great Disruption

How business is coping with turbulent times

The Economist; Adrian Wooldridge

Business Strategy

A guide to effective decision-making

The Economist; Jeremy Kourdi

Guide to Organisation Design

Creating high-performing and adaptable enterprises

Naomi Stanford; The Economist

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