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10 Dog Training Tips from Dana Perino

There’s playtime at the dog park, and then there’s training time at the abode. Dana Perino, a Fox News contributor and co-host of The Five, sheds light on how to get the most out of training our pups with her grandfather’s techniques.


  1. START EARLY. Dogs like to learn, and the best way to train is to start as early as possible. This goes for everything from potty training to trick.
  2. CONSISTENCY. Each person must use the same commands and no one can be the pushover and let the dog get away with something that others wouldn’t allow.
  3. EYE CONTACT. When you’re interacting with your dog, always try to look him in the eye.
  4. MANNERS MATTER. Put a focus on manners, especially when you live in a city. This means discouraging barking inside, pulling on the leash is a no-no, and owners are not to yell at their dog in public.
  5. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Repetition is the key to good dog training, and three times a day is the minim needed for a dog to learn. So start high-fiving, Lucky!
  6. CALM OWNER, CALMER DOG. Make sure dogs get enough time to exercise and play and don’t put up with whining or obnoxious behavior.
  7. HIDE FROM YOUR DOG ONCE WHEN THEY’RE YOUNG AND THEY’LL ALWAYS KEEP YOU IN SIGHT. If you want to make sure your dog wouldn’t run off, the best way to do is to hide from them and give them a scare. The few moments of fear will help them remember to look for the owner.
  8. PATIENCE. Give them a pass if they can’t figure it out right away.
  9. EASY ON THE TREATS. Find some low-calorie treats and cut them in half or thirds. And don’t always give food to reinforce good behavior.
  10. LET DOGS PLAY. Make time to take the dogs out to play with other dogs, and when they bring you a rope to pull or a ball to throw, put down your phone and give them a few minutes.






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