In this candid, refreshing guide for young women to take with us as we run the world, Emilie Aries shows you how to own your power, know your worth, and design your career and life accordingly.

Young women today face an uncertain job market, the pressure to ascend at all costs, and a fear of burning out. But the landscape is changing, and women are taking an assertive role in shaping our careers and lives, while investing more and more in our community of support.

Bossed Up teaches you how to:

  • Break out of the “martyrdom mindset,” and cultivate your Boss Identity by getting clear on what you really want for your career and life without apology;
  • Hone the self-advocacy skills necessary for success;
  • Understand the differences between being assertive (which is part of being a leader) and being aggressive (which is more like being a bully) – and how that clarity can transform your trajectory;
  • Beat burnout by identifying how the warning signs may be showing up in your life and how to prioritize bringing more rest, purpose, agency, and community to your day-to-day life;
  • Unpack the steps to cultivating something more than just confidence; a boss identity, which will establish your ability to be the boss of your life no matter what comes your way.

Drawing from timely research, and with personal stories, and spotlights on a diverse group of women from the Bossed Up community, this book will show you how to craft a happy, healthy, and sustainable career path you’ll love.

What's Inside

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"Emilie Aries is not your typical #girlboss, and Bossed Up isn't your typical Girl Power manual. Instead, it's a practical, accessible, and thoroughly feminist guide to getting your priorities in order, letting go of the personal and cultural expectations that hold us back, and succeeding on your own terms."—Jill Filipovic, author of The H-Spot: The Feminist Pursuit of Happiness
"Bossed Up provides actionable advice mixed with relatable stories about how to know your worth and advocate for the career you deserve, even in an unjust world. A must-read for anyone who wants to set themselves up for sustainable, long-term success."—Farnoosh Torabi, bestselling author and host of the "You're So Money" podcast
"Emilie shared practical advice for ditching martyrdom, advocating for yourself, and avoiding burnout. Readers are guaranteed to learn a ton."—Elisa Kreisinger
"If you hate every other career guide you've read, Bossed Up might be the book for you. Em doesn't guilt you about the things that haven't gone right in your career, but she doesn't accept you can't change them, either. She sharply identifies the structural barriers standing in our way, and gives practical steps to overcome them. If you want a career guide that really understands what it's like to be a professional woman in 2019, look no further."—Bridget Todd
"If you feel like your career is happening TO you, read this book. Emilie will inform you with captivating research, inspire you with her stories, and lead you onward with actionable strategies. If you want to get to action, make a career change and get back in to the driver's seat of your life, get in to the pages of Bossed Up. This is a book to remind women not only of their power but how to own it."—Maxie McCoy, author of You're Not Lost: An Inspired Action Plan for Finding Your Own Way
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