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The Challenge Culture

The Challenge Culture

Why the Most Successful Organizations Run on Pushback

The charismatic, accessible, and down-to-earth CEO of Dunkin’ Brands (Dunkin’ Donuts, Baskin-Robbins) shows how positive pushback–the discipline of “questioning everything without trashing anyone”–provides a unique results-oriented way to lead an organization to prosperity.

We live in a world where the move from success to failure can happen in a flash. Customers, competition, changing societal mores, and technology can bring on existential crisis. But as Dunkin’ Brands Chairman and CEO Nigel Travis shows in The Challenge Culture, businesses can cope with change and go on to thrive by instituting a culture that supports positive pushback: questioning everything without trashing anything or anyone.

The ability to get colleagues to break out of conformity–especially when it means upending a culture of fear and authoritarianism–is a rare skill, one Nigel (everyone calls him Nigel) has been developing for decades. In a distinct, authentic, and authoritative voice, Nigel draws from a wide range of personal experiences–including the way Blockbuster dawdled in the face of the Netflix challenge, his early days at Dunkin’ Donuts, and his recent foray into owning a UK soccer team–to show how a challenge culture is necessary to provide a human-oriented, results-driven blueprint for building a prosperous future.

To keep up with the times and grow, people need to be allowed to speak up and question the status quo, talk in a civil way about difficult issues, debate across disciplines, disagree about strategies and tactics in order to successfully move forward together.
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Genre: Nonfiction / Business & Economics / Workplace Culture

On Sale: September 18th 2018

Price: $15.99 / $19.99 (CDN)

Page Count: 1

ISBN-13: 9781541762152

Meet The Author: Nigel Travis

Nigel Travis was named Chief Executive Officer of Dunkin’ Brands in January 2009 and appointed to the additional role of Chairman of the Board in May 2013. In 2017 he became the owner of Leyton Orient Football, a troubled professional soccer team that presents a unique opportunity to implement his challenge culture strategy. Discover More


"Women, especially young women, in today’s world need to understand the importance of challenging authority and speaking up to share their point of view. The Challenge Culture brilliantly explains how to do it."—Nicole Lapin, author of Boss Bitch and Rich Bitch

"We all know that America runs on Dunkin’, but have you ever wondered how Dunkin’ runs? Dunkin’ Brands Chairman and CEO Nigel Travis has experience running some of the nation’s largest franchises and shares his insight on the importance of creating a challenge culture, one that questions the status quo, encourages internal pushback and helps companies be nimble enough to adapt to change. The Challenge Culture is a must read for employers and employees alike, and promises to get ideas for long-term success percolating.”—Robert Kraft, chairman and CEO of the Kraft Group, The New England Patriots

“The world is filled with CEOs who major in one or two parts of their enterprise, but minor in none. Nigel understands the intricacies of everything. And even better, he knows how to put them together to make a business run the way it should. This book not only takes you inside his businesses, but inside the mind that challenged them to thrive. If you can use 20% of what he’s suggesting, you’ll be ahead of the game. Use 40% and you can blow the doors off.”—Mark Goldstein, former chief marketing officer, BBDO Worldwide

"Business and politics have become ever more competitive and unpredictable. In order to succeed in this environment, Travis introduces The Challenge Culture where employees are encouraged and are sufficiently self-confident to push back, engage in debate and along with their leaders search intensively for the best answer to critical issues. A must read for all people leading organizations in these turbulent times!"—Larry Bossidy, retired chairman and CEO of Honeywell International, coauthor of Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done