A bold, contrarian, and ultimately optimistic argument that AI, robotics, and digital platforms can and must be used as tools to achieve equality and a better future.
Much has been written about the challenges tech presents to equality and democracy. But it’s not enough to recognize that our systems are flawed. We can’t just throw the baby out with the bathwater—we need to use big data and automation to do better. Orly Lobel, a renowned tech policy scholar and thought leader, makes a compelling argument that while we cannot stop technological development, we can direct its course according to our most fundamental values.
With provocative insights in every chapter, Lobel masterfully shows that digital technology frequently has a comparative advantage over humans in detecting discrimination, correcting historical exclusions, subverting long-standing stereotypes, and addressing the world’s thorniest problems: climate, poverty, injustice, literacy, accessibility, speech, health, and safety. From labor markets to love markets, online privacy to democratic participation, Lobel gives vivid examples of how we can harness technology for good. The book’s powerful analysis and masterful storytelling provide a much-needed redirection that will transform how we debate and confront our most pressing challenges.

What's Inside

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