“Paul Farmer, doctor and aid worker, offers an inspiring insider’s view of the relief effort.” — Financial Times

“The book’s greatest strength lies in its depiction of the post-quake chaos In the book’s more analytical sections the author’s diagnosis of the difficulties of reconstruction is sharp.” — Economist

“A gripping, profoundly moving book, an urgent dispatch from the front by one of our finest warriors for social justice.” — Adam Hochschild

“His honest assessment of what the people trying to help Haiti did well — and where they failed — is important for anyone who cares about the country or international aid in general.” — Miami Herald

What's Inside

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Reader Reviews


President Bill Clinton

“A gripping recollection of the quake's ruin, chaos, and despair, and the story of remarkable persistence, hope, and love in the aftermath.  Once you've seen Haiti through Paul Farmer's eyes, you'll never see Haitians, or any of the world's poorest people, quite the same way again.”

Adam Hochschild

“Profoundly moving....An urgent dispatch from the front by one of our finest warriors for social justice.  With eloquence and wisdom, Paul Farmer shows how we cannot fully comprehend one of the great natural disasters of history without understanding the man-made suffering that Americans and others have inflicted on Haiti.”

Madison Capital Times, July 14, 2011-
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