The how-to guide to tackling business growth problems head on Responding effectively to the demands of a growing company, regardless of size, is one of the great challenges facing businesses in this increasingly competitive climate. Successful growth requires careful attention to the robustness of organizational structure and systems as well as reconciling the different speeds at which different division within a company may develop. Guide to Managing Growth is one of the first and only books to explicitly address these challenges, and help prepare business leaders to grow their business in productive, successful ways.

Written by Rupert Merson of the London Business School
Business growth needs intelligent and sensitive management
Applicable to all types of business: young or more mature, small or substantial
Examines the change growth brings to every aspect of the business — people management, marketing, customer and client management, financial management, organizational design, and performance management and measurement

Jargon-free and to the point, Guide to Managing Growth explores the different aspects of growth and outlines strategies and tactics that will enable businesses to address the issues they face and move forward to a bigger and even more successful future.

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